Friday, November 03, 2006

more happy happy happy things

In a further effort to make myself think in a positive way, I give you things that make me happy, part 2. My list isn't nearly as long today as it was the first time around, but positive thinking is positive thinking right?

oven roasted turkey and mashed tatos
carne asada from that place in Silverdale (mmmm, sounds like a plan for lunch!)
charm bracelets
Old VW Buses
Going to the Movies
Lavender and Rosemary
polyurethane on bare wood (yes, I'm strange)
finally having pictures hung on my new walls (yay!)

1 comment:

SparklieSunShine said...

What a wonderful idea! I tried to do that Oprah graditude journal thing for a while recently. It really did make me look at my whole day in a more positive light. I hope all this positive thinking helps you out also.

I love lavender and pumpkin flavored anything.