Friday, October 13, 2006

happy happy happy things

I am trying hard to convince myself that today is a happy day, because I am not feeling so happy and really want to be. No more funky funks allowed!!!
To further convince myself, I give you:

31 little things that make me happy...
1. the little round slushy-crunchy ice they have on the ferry and at taco bell.

2. the stamp vending machines at the post office by my house that give change in silver dollars. How cool is that! The tooth fairy is appreciative also.

3. Fridays at Subway. Yes, the tuna sandwich lunch special is lame, but 3 super yummy soft and gooey warm chocolate chip cookies for $1 do make my day happier.

4. Sunshine and cool crisp air on a fall afternoon. It is AWESOME outside today. Now if only I could escape from cubicle-land...

5. authentic southern accents heard in passing - so sweet

6. Hot apple cider with cinammon and nutmeg - the real stuff, from my grandpa's cider press - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I've got a great picture somewhere of he and I working the press when I was about 10. I'll have to find it and add it here.

7. Little girl belly laughs

8. Little girl snuggles

9. Little girl tickles

10. Ok, anything related to my little girls really

11. My little girls are getting big! Ok, so this is kind of bittersweet, but sweet nonetheless - they amaze me every day

12. blackberry cobbler

13. My Sally Hansen lotion that smells like oranges and *doesn't* make my hands break out and itch and burn like all the others

14. Did I mention that I LOVE living in the pacific northwest where I can see amazing views of mountains and water many times every day? OK, so mountains are pretty BIG things, not so little at all, but they put a smile on my face and make my heart sing, so they're here. How many people can really say the place they live in makes their heart sing? Lucky girl, I am.

15. postcards

16. mommy off the record's ROFL awards - I really needed a laugh today :)


18. this stuff in Plumeria

19. big soft fluffy towels

20. my good sheets - nothing more heavenly than lounging in bed with a good book and amazingly soft smooth sheets

21. starbucks caramel frappuccinos with whipped cream

22. pumpkin scones

23. the last few minutes of dusk when that grey-lavender color hangs in the air and the world winds down

24. creative memories tape runners

25. Wish you were here, sung by Gina Catalino

26. long quiet trails leading to amazing views.

27. peaceful nights laying in my tent down those long quiet trails, away from the world

28. cobalt blue glass

29. baby toes

30. art-o-mat

31. FRIDAY!!


Saira said...

Great that u cud list 31 things...i cannot even think of 10 such things...nice blod anyways..:)

Jenny said...

thanks for stopping by Saira!