Friday, October 27, 2006


un. em. ployed.


It's a strange feeling.

Almost a guilty feeling, like I'm playing hooky and should get my butt to work. Sorry I'm late Mark, don't know what I was thinking this morning, but I'll get right to it. There are a bunch of sandboxed orders? No problem. I'll get right on it. Tetra_failed guids? I'm there! There are a bunch of merges to be done? (which I absolutely hated, by the way) My pleasure.


I was a stay at home mom before I went to work for them, and this was my life, at home taking care of things here. Now I've gone to work for the same company every day for the past 3 years (except Saturday and Sunday, oldest reminds me - though certainly there were times while I was a manager that I was there 7 days a week dawn to dusk, and I don't miss that), and being here during the day just flat out feels wrong. I don't know what to do with myself. I do know I only have til Tuesday before my insurance is gone too (end of the month) so I'm spending my time until then at the dentist, the eye doctor, the girly doctor, and every other doctor I've put off seeing for months. Fun.

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