Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Good God man!

And for the record, though he told me flat out that I'd never see a dime of child support and he'd work under the table to ensure it, that apparently is not what he meant, because he is an honest and loving person and a committed father, and he said it out of anger. He said it, but I am wrong to repeat it in MY PERSONAL SPACE because it makes him look bad, God forbid, and it's not what he meant. Right. Because I should know that he would never let his children want for anything. Except when he is threatening me to defend the honor of his $!#&*$&#*(lovely new girlfriend)*^$&#%^#&#. Or when he is moving 400 miles away and leaving them heartbroken because being close to his lovely girlfriend is more important than being near his children. Or when he is threatening me. Whatever. GO AWAY, I said. I don't know the person you have become Dan, and I'm not sure I want to. I don't think I like that person very much. The man I loved wouldn't treat his worst enemy like this, much less the girl who he spent 10 years loving and who's heart he just broke. He might have kicked some arse if need be, but when it came to matters of the heart, he had one.

(And for those of you who are new here, please know that it's not you that I am telling to go, unless you are Dan, his lovely new girlfriend, or one of her friends. Lovely, I tell you. I am saying nice things. I apologize for your having to read all of this GARBAGE. By the way, lovely girlfriend, while I'd like you to leave now, you are welcome to come back on January 1st, though just for that day. I've promised not to tell you what I think of you until he is there with you, insecure as you are about being party to the breakup of a family and all, but I'll gladly resurrect my censored post at that time, assuming you are worth the trouble to me by then. Honestly though, my hunch is that you won't be.)

Now enough with this. I am tired of your drama and of this senseless drivel. This is MY blog, it exists for MY use, and I am reclaiming it now to use as I please. The only person with editorial power around here is ME.



Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and I am just in awe of you. You are such a strong woman to be able to go through what you are going through and deal with the crap that you are dealt with on a daily basis from these people! I cannot believe she found your blog and now he wants you to edit it???? Enough already! You stand your ground!!!

Jenny said...

Your words are so kind! Thank you!

girlnextdoor said...

I love your strength too. The nerve of them to even read your private thoughts, when they have treated you so badly in the first place is disgusting. For them to want you to censor your opinions of them on your blog is just plain wrong. I am praying that you get away from these 2 ASAP, they have little or no regard for others, particularly you and you precious children. They are most certainly putrting their noses where they simply don't belong. And I hope they read all that.

Megan said...

I am going to try to keep this comment short, though I could probably go on for years about the subject matter.
I have nothing but compassion for you. Roughly a decade ago, my father decided that, after twenty years of marriage, he didn't know that he wanted to be in a family. Forget that he pressured my mom into getting married in the first place, or that he was the one the suggested having children.. apparently he felt trapped.
My mom tried to keep this all quiet from my siblings, and myself but, after my dad took off to Mexico and had an affair, it was hard to do so when things finally resulted in a separation. The separation didn't last though, as my dad decided he wanted a family after all and my mom thought that we (the children) would be less damaged in the long run if we had a father around. That is untrue though.
If Dan's priority is being close to his girlfriend, then your children are certainly better off that he will be 400 miles away. One day, he will have to answer to them. He will have to explain why, instead of being up front and honest from the start, he chose to break-up his family and cover for infidelity with lies and deception.
So much for keeping the comment short..
And I am glad that you are not going to edit yourself for the comfort of the girlfriend. She should probably spend less time worrying about the strangers on the internet that are going to judge her and more time worrying about the people she actually knows who will now always see her as a homewrecker..