Sunday, November 26, 2006

Home, sweet home.

I just lost a whole post. RRRRR.

I am home finally, and it has never felt better to be home. That was one of the longest holiday weekends I've ever experienced. It's over now, and that is most excellent.

I made a decision this morning. I am stepping off of the rollercoaster. That doesn't mean I don't hurt or I wont cry, but I'm tired of the range of emotions I'm forcing myself to feel, and I'm tired of the drama. Going to Oregon for the last 4 days undid a lot of the healing I had accomplished prior, and I have to fix that. Last night was an absolute nightmare. I am done wallowing in this. I am done feeling helpless and pathetic. I have a new life to start living, a new life to put together, and I am ready to do that now. It's time for me to re-read this post. Um, minus that last paragraph, that is. Best not to read that at all right now.

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