Saturday, November 18, 2006

Didn't even realize yesterday was my 100th post. I had planned forever ago to do the obligatory 100 things post for that, but my hundred things wouldn't be such nice ones right now. Maybe 100 ways I'd like to make Dan suffer for being a sack of shit. Of course that doesn't work either because the only reason this hurts me and I want to call him a sack of shit is that I love him. Blech. I don't have much to say today. I'm kind of numb at the moment emotionally, and I'm trying to maintain that for a while. I wrote an angry email to the other woman a little while ago, but I resisted temptation and deleted it instead of sending it. She's a pathetic excuse for a human being for encouraging him, but there is no point in being mad at her. Dan is the moron who couldn't be man enough to honor our relationship and choose his family over her. Whatever. I may start a countdown - number of days until he's gone and I can start really dealing with this. He isn't leaving till the first of the year.

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