Thursday, November 30, 2006


The snow really needs to go away now. I'm tired of being stuck at home. The kids haven't been in school since monday. My street is a solid sheet of ice an inch thick. I'd share pictures but my rechargeable batteries have decided they no longer feel like charging for some reason, so my digital camera is a paperweight at the moment. I live at the top of a hill, and listen to people spinning their tires trying to get up it (and failing!) all day long. I feel like a hostage in my own home! I was supposed to chaperone oldest on a field trip to see the nutcracker ballet today but that, of course, has been cancelled too. We are going stircrazy!!!!

On a brighter note though, tomorrow afternoon I run away. I'm driving to Texas with B, and then flying back next Friday. I am so excited to get away for a while, to put some distance between Dan and I and to take some time for myself. It's going to be an incredibly long drive, and I'm going to miss my munchkins, but I think some time for myself (and with a good friend!) is just what I need right now. We are driving south through Oregon and California and then across to Texas, so if you know of anything in that part of the country that we just can't miss seeing, please do share. I love a good road trip!


CN said...

san francisco (in general), the california coastline, the grilled cheese at the sattelite cafe in santa cruz, ca., hearst castle in cambria, ca., city hall in santa barbara, ca..i highly recommend staying away from LA & southern california.

Jenny said...