Friday, December 08, 2006

Snickers bars, 2 for $1

My stomach is in knots all over again. When will my head stop beating my heart up? I just woke up from a dream so vivid that i'm having trouble getting hold of my emotions and distinguishing reality from fiction in my heart. I'm heartbroken all over again and he hasn't even done anything this time. I dreamt that we worked things out and were giving it another chance. Things were going well until he started cheating with the girl at a convenience store we went to. We went through this whole thing again, and he expected me to be sweet and kind and rational about it and i was and it killed me. I feel sick. Why do i always have to do the right thing? What is it in me that compels me to be so god-damned sensible? Why cant i be one of those girls that throws his clothes on the curb and slashes his tires and makes him pay for hurting me? No, that's not really how i want to be, but that release of emotion certainly holds some appeal. You know, this whole convenience store clerk thing
is kind of funny anyway. (tbc)

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