Sunday, December 10, 2006


So I logged in to my account tonight with the intention of making a slide show of my recent trip. It was strangely like getting smacked in the face. I had completely forgotten that I'd made a slide show of Dan over the summer. He had asked me to take a couple pictures of him so he would have something recent to share when he had first started talking to her. I love taking pictures of him (or anyone, for that matter!) so I was happy to oblige, and maybe got just a *little* carried away. Did I mention I loved taking pictures of him? He's pretty self conscious about how he looks in them, but I love every single one, even now. I was taking pictures so his *friend* could see him. I haven't seen any of these since right around that time, and they bring back so many memories of moments together, laughing and having fun. We really have had some great times over the last 10 years, and I need to force myself to remember that. I need to not let what I am going through now tinge my memories of what we did have together over those years, because those times are worth remembering and cherishing. I am moving closer every day to looking forward to starting a new life, but I want to always remember and treasure my time with him. I can't let today devalue the last 10 years of my life, because they really have been a good 10 years. Yes, the captions are from then, not now. Hee hee.

[I've removed the slideshows. I'm sorry. These things were irritating the living crap out of me. Maybe I'll add them back later when these posts have moved off of the front page of my blog, but meanwhile they're gone.]

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