Wednesday, June 06, 2007

pictures of the day

Yep, that's me. Big excitement, I tell ya!

me in reading glasses..

A certain talented child-poet I know...

What a freakin beautiful sunset we had last night...This picture doesn't begin to do this particular view justice either. Those mountains you can barely make out? Along the line between sky and water? HUGE, IN YOUR FACE, snow-capped, rugged AMAZING. THIS is exactly why I choose to live here. It's BEAUTIFUL! :)


CN said...

glad you are digging the book, J. wish we would of connected during your conquest of the california coast... maybe another time. take care.


ps: girls who wear glasses make my "hot top 10".

Jenny said...

*blushing* :)

I was pretty bummed that I didn't have time to connect with you myself. If only I had had 1 more day in that area.... who knew that Frontier requires you to be at the baggage desk 45 minutes early, and if you wait in line and get to the desk 44 minutes before your flight, they'll refuse your baggage and bump you to a flight the next day.... one more night in Dallas, one day less in Southern California!

There will definitely be another time :)