Friday, September 22, 2006


So I was laying in bed this morning trying to wake up, which is something I always struggle with. Suddenly I heard Dan in the kitchen, almost in a half whisper, "Jenny, come here, quick! Come look at this!" I nearly jumped out of my skin. In my half-conscious stupor it really seemed like he said it in that someone's-creeping-around-outside tone. Halfway curious and halfway dreading what I'd see, I stumbled quickly in to the kitchen. Apparently the girls heard him from their room too, because they appeared by my side. In the tree outside my kitchen window, there were maybe 100 tiny birds (chickadees?) jumping and playing and just generally being cute. How cool! My younger daughter says "Look at all the baby birds!" Dan explained to her that they were full grown. Then oldest says "Ha ha, a normal bird could eat those ones right up!" I do have a sadistic child.

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