Friday, September 15, 2006


I really hope that's out of my system now. I really don't like that C word. It is just ugly. Please excuse my vent. It may have been vulgar and unnatractive, but rest assured it was much much worse before I edited out a large portion of it. I like my friend. I dont like the fact that she is stubborn. I don't like the fact that she doesn't take the time to learn the facts before arguing viciously for false statements of reality. I don't like that she is always positive towards me when we talk, but then talks about me behind my back to Dan. Hello? He is my family, remember? He's going to tell me what you say Einstein. Friends like that are just not worth having, and yet she is without a doubt my closest friend. Our lives are so intertwined that it's really just difficult to walk away. Our children are like siblings. How do you tell some one you've been friends with for years and years and years and who is more like family than friend to sod off?

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