Friday, September 29, 2006

more postcrossing goodness!!

Woohoo!! Apparently we forgot to check the mail yesterday. Dan got it this morning, and I woke up to THIS on the bed next to me! Yay!

I signed up for a travelling notebook group on the postcrossing forums a while back, and the whole thing kind of fizzled. The idea was that we would each buy a small notebook, decorate it, and send it on in a circle. Each of our notebooks would travel all over the world and then come back to us. Along the way other members of the group would write in the book, add pictures, stories, etc., showing what life was like in their corner of the world. It's been long enough that I had pretty much given up on the whole thing, but then along came this lovely package from runswithscissors in New Zealand this morning!! Yay!! Thank you Kyleigh!! Your notebook is really nice! I'll add my little world to it this weekend, and send it along on it's journey. Sorry for the blurry pictures, but Im in a hurry and my camera is not cooperating this morning. Maybe I'll fix em later....

This is the cover of her notebook:

and the postcard and Maori fish hook necklace she sent along for me:


Asana Bear said...

You seem many things...but boring. Nope. Thanks for stopping by open window zen and commenting. Much appreciated! I'll be stalking your blog.

Catherine said...

Aww, what a very cool idea! And I must agree with asana bear... nothing boring here.