Sunday, April 22, 2007

wandering in the woods

The girls and I went for a drive up to Brown's Creek this morning. I should really have been getting stuff done around the house, but I needed out.

We made funny faces in the car....

and we saw some clearcuts

which made us very sad

throwing rocks in the river helped us to feel better

and then we threw some more rocks in the river

Brooke was feeling especially mischievious

so she went on an island adventure

ooooh, do you see that cave behind her??

when we got home Bobbie sent us pictures of the yummy snocones she and the boys were eating in Texas without us.....

and we were sad again.

The end.

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Catherine said...

I imagine that someday your girls are going to grow up and love that you left them a weblog of what their mother endured through their childhood. Good and bad and thoughtful and silly.

This was a wonderful post, Jenny.