Monday, July 10, 2006

Tuolumne Meadows

I feel a compulsion to write today. I dont know what I have to say, and I really should be WORKING, but here I am. I'm way too introspective lately.

Someday I will walk the PCT. And the CDT. Someday I will jump from a plane into air and feel the cool sweet wind as a chute opens above me and glides me gently from the sky to the ground. Someday I will lay again in the wildflowers by Two Medicine lake gazing up at those mountains. Someday I will dip my feet again in the cold waters of the Yellowstone. Someday I will glide along in the sound in a wooden kayak that I have built with my own two hands. Someday I will walk down the dusty roads of Halfway. Someday I will dance and play with my children barefoot in some grassy meadow, laughing so hard we can't breathe. Someday I will be in good enough shape to climb a mountain and not hurt afterwards. Why is everything always about someday?? All the idealism is CRAP, but so is a life without it. I want to live TODAY. I'm tired of going to work and coming home and going to work and coming home, and never finding the time or having the money to do what I want for me, what makes me happy. What's the point to life if you don't enjoy living it? I'm DONE being a bystander.


CN said...

do it. good luck out there.

nomadshan said...

Go for it :)

Anonymous said...
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