Friday, July 28, 2006

Go Seahawks?

So Dan went to one game last year. We developed a weekly ritual of spending Sunday's at a friends house so the guys could all watch the game together. This year, they bought season tickets. They've been waiting for MONTHS for them to come in the mail, and yesterday they finally arrived. Dan is soooooooo excited! 3 full pounds of advertisements and see us, look how great we are literature in a rather large box, along with 4 books of tickets not much bigger than a pad of post-its, shipped from CANADA, of all places. No, I have nothing against Canada. I like it there actually, but why do they send tickets to an NFL game in Seattle from Canada? International shipping is just fun? Anyway, I look forward to Sundays free of compulsory football, and weekend days with time to myself to do whatever I please. Go Seahawks!

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