Monday, July 10, 2006

life reunion

You know, MySpace is kind of a funny thing. It has a way of tugging at a person. That's not to say I've been tugged in any specific direction. It just tugs you around and about a little. I've always thought it was a stupid teenagerish thing, and laughed at all my friends who were into it, but it's really kind of amazing to be in touch with so many people from my past so instantly. Who would have thought I'd ever talk to my kindergarten best friend again? Or my first boyfriend, from Junior High? I've reconnected with so many people that haven't been a part of my life for soooo many years. It's really been interesting to see the paths they have all taken through the years and where they've ended up in life. It's like every day is a highschool reunion, and a junior high reunion, and an elementary school reunion, all rolled in to one. And it never stops. Wow.

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