Thursday, February 01, 2007


I am so done today. I feel totally and completely worn down. I am tired, and I want to go home. I feel like puking, I'm stressed to the max, I was almost a full half hour late for work this morning, everyone is cranky, Dan is...URGH..., A is...URGH..., My mom is...URGH..., Youngest is back to being emotional and crying all the time and didn't make it to school again today, my car is making funny noises, I had to pay $7 for parking this morning because my usual spot was taken, I feel like I'm under more pressure than I can handle, my heart aches at every little thing, and my head is about to explode. I am frustrated beyond belief. Tomorrow I get to drive 6 hours to meet Dan half way after working all day so that he can have the girls for
the weekend, and I get to PAY FOR HIS GAS because he didn't plan ahead and I can't bear for them to be disappointed just because he is irresponsible. He's damned lucky I retain some loving feelings towards him or I would be kicking him in the head right about now. Ok, so maybe not, because I don't generally go around kicking people in the head no matter how upset I am, but URGH.

Please excuse my whiny vent.

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